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Suicide/ Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant

Team-building Trainer

Traditional-based Workshop Facilitator

Community Engagement Specialist

About Brian Frejo

  Brian Frejo is a National Motivational speaker, leadership development, team building trainer and suicide, substance opioid use, bullying prevention specialist and community engagement advocate. Brian is skilled in working with urban and rural communities, youth, elders, families, diverse programs and building partnerships with key stakeholders in the community. Also, dedicated to the vision and mission of empowering people to achieve professional and personal success, to live healthy and active lives, to be suicide, drug and alcohol free, to celebrate cultural identity and to make healthy life-choices that will enable them to achieve and sustain their full potential as leaders in their communities.

  Brian strives to empower youth, adults, elders and communities to reclaim and celebrate their traditional healing practices, traditional foods and nutrition, fitness activities, cultural spiritual life ways and overall mental and physical health wellness. The outcomes can produce empowerment, success, healing and the confidence to make healthy life choices.

Some Recent Partnerships

2020 ACF Native American Grantee Meeting

Host Emcee | Facilitator

ACF’s Native American Grantee Meeting is an opportunity for ACF grantees and federal staff who are working in Native communities to exchange ideas, provide feedback to one another, learn about how to better manage the ACF grant award, and learn about ACF resources such as technical assistance, toolkits, and other resources that can be accessed with or without funding.
National Native American Health & Wellness Advocate
Traditional-based practices Specialist

Virtual opportunity to get health and wellness education through traditional Native practices and western techniques. Also provide consultation and/or implementation of programming to increase and enhance the quality of life with Native cultural history and concepts, while encouraging healthy Native communities.

Muscogee Creek Nation of Oklahoma Summer Youth Employment Fun Day

Guest Presenter

Leadership development and Cultural values. Community support and recognition of success. Youth are honored for leadership skills and financial literacy. Every summer and they earn a paycheck for their achievement over the summer program

Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center

Cultural Coordinator

‘Some of these tribes are gone’: Class makes sure Native American youths never forget their rich heritage. –Article from The Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service.

Trainings and Workshops

Trainings for 2020

  • Leadership for Success
  • The Power of Vision & Action: Goal-setting and Achieving
  • Brain-Wise: Critical thinking and Decision making skills
  • SOS Signs of Suicide Prevention training
  • QPR Suicide Prevention
  • Traditional Medicines and Uses
  • Tobacco is Sacred
  • Traditional Medicines planting and harvesting


  • Icebreakers
  • Teambuilding
  • Cultural Identity
  • Handdrum making and Song teaching
  • Drug/Alcohol prevention
  • Bullying Cyber-bullying prevention
  • Medicine Wheel teachings
  • Medicine Bundle/Bag teachings
  • Goal-setting
  • Writing – Spoken work and stories
  • Healing through Art
  • Talking Circles, Support and Healing


This is a collection of imagery that best represents

Brian Frejo’s life work and community presence.



Culture Shock Camp & Tiospa Zina Tribal School - QUESE IMC & BRIAN FREJO

2 Day youth camp at Tiospa Zina Tribal School on the Sisseton Wahpeton Reservation. Brought to you by QUESE IMC & BRIAN “DJ SHOCK B” FREJO, 7GOV. Alive, Meth Prevention & Tiospa Zina Tribal School. November 2013.

Culture Shock - Brian Frejo at Puyallup

Brian Frejo visits Puyallup to address local youth and talk about the importance of Native American culture.

2013 SWAIA - Hip Hop Hoop Dance Fashion Show

2013 Santa Fe Indian Market Hip Hop Hoop Dance Fashion Show featuring the Artist Designed Collection by Ehren Kee Natay. Performance by New Tribe, ShanDien LaRance, Nakotah LaRance, Talavai Denipah-Cook, DJ Shock B and Quese IMC.



Native American Mystery Explorers:

Bigfoot, Dogman, and Little People have long been a part of Native tribal history. As director and producer of N.A.M.E., Frejo and his fearless film crew have been conducting interviews and exploring remote locations of Oklahoma for evidence of these mysterious beings. 


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